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About Derba Construction

Company History

Joseph J. Derba began his career in housing construction in 1983. He found the profession suited his hands-on work preference, independent spirit and creative talents. In the initial eight years, Joe's primary aim was to gain knowledge and experience by aligning himself with a builder and construction manager who would "show him the ropes." Joe learned that to be there for the long haul - during both good and hard times in the industry and economy - it would be mandatory to gain an excellent journeyman's knowledge of efficient, high quality workmanship. It was also during this time that Joe rounded out his experience with advanced study, successfully passed the Massachusetts Builders' Exam and obtained his licenses as a Construction Supervisor and a Home Improvement Contractor.

Derba Construction was formed in 1991. Starting with three workers, the Company has grown both in size and reputation as a quality framing, building and remodeling business, one of the largest construction firms of its type within a five-town radius of Walpole. Today it includes an Office Manager, two Project Managers and two Framing Crews.

Company Philosophy

Joe Derba believes that honesty, hard work performed with pride, talent and customer satisfaction are the reasons for his success. The fact that a significant percentage of his Company's projects result from customer referrals confirms this assessment. Joe has earned the respect of and built a productive and cooperative working relationship with numerous builders and building inspectors. The Company has made its reputation by continually seeking highly skilled and well trained employees and sub-contractors. Obligated to keep abreast of building codes and advancements in materials, Derba Construction is selective in the wood products used and insists that subcontractors supply quality, brand-named products for client projects.

The Planning Process

Experience strongly suggests that a prospective client's first step should be to engage the services of an architectural or design firm to aid in creating a practical, affordable and attractive plan that fits the client's specific needs and goals. Years of experience have shown that a poor set of plans can lead to problems and dissatisfaction. The collaboration of client, architect/designer and contractor helps to insure that the construction phase proves less arduous for both client and builder with a better structure resulting - one that complements the original building and fits smoothly into the architectural fabric of which its neighborhood is woven. The additional cost for utilizing design professionals is typically offset by savings in construction costs - and less need for change orders. Derba Construction has worked closely with architects commissioned by owners; the Company can also suggest a design partner for a client. Derba Construction prides itself on offering clients practical, realistic and flexible scope and budgetary options when in the planning stages of a project. At the completion of this phase, both owner and builder hold a copy of a signed Construction Contract, including a payment schedule.

The Construction Phase

Throughout the construction process your Derba Construction team will work closely with you and the professional who drafted your plan. This allows for a smooth process and productive communication among the parties. If a problem arises, whether it is a construction or client concern, a quick resolution can be worked out with a minimum of disruption and frustration for client and builder alike. Copies of any signed and approved Change Orders generated during the construction phase of a project are held by both homeowner and contractor, enabling both to keep a record of any deviations from the original plan and tracking any added costs.

The Warranty

Derba Construction provides a one-year warranty on the Company's work and that of the subcontractors it engages. The Company stands by its product and likes to leave satisfied customers.

Experience and Communication

Derba Construction, Inc. is ready to serve you as a high quality, reasonably priced custom builder, using only the newest techniques in frame and finish construction, as well as state-of-the-art construction materials. As a larger remodeling-framing company, Derba Construction is able to install the best products and provide quality work to complete your next home or to remodel/expand your current home, while simultaneously increasing its value.

Customers select Derba Construction because of the company's history, background and satisfied customers' references. Constructing a relationship with the property owner continues throughout the building of the structure. Years of experience have t aught Company representatives that communication with its customers is the cornerstone of success.

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